Joachim Philippe: Director of Photography


Born in Brussels in 1983, the Belgian cinematographer and photographer Joachim Philippe studied the technique and art of cinematography at the National Institute of Radioelectricity and Cinematography (INRACI).

For several years Joachim trained extensively as a camera assistant on major feature films with acclaimed directors including Ken Loach, Jaco Vandormael, and David Mackenzie, and award winning cinematographers such as Chris Menges, Robbie Ryan, Christophe Beaucarne, and Barry Ackroyd. Working with these accomplished filmmakers has taught him the art of storytelling through images and light.

In 2006, together with director and friend Didier Minne he founded KINODOC – a Brussels-based production company focusing on the documentary genre. KINODOC follows the philosophy of directors such as Frederick Wiseman and Nicolas Philibert – making films with people instead of about people.

As an extension of his work as a cinematographer, Joachim makes use of the photographic medium to further document the nuances and particularities of the societies in which he find himself immersed in the course of his work.

He lives today between Brussels and Glasgow.



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