Grant Cameron: Director of Photography



Grant left school with a desire to go to Glasgow Art School to study fine art, on finding his portfolio was not yet strong enough, he used photography and film making as an aid to his drawing and painting. This was the start of his life in Photography which led to work in Feature Films and TV.

Grant started work as a stills photographer and film maker, learning his trade at Glasgow University Vet School Photographic Department shooting postmortems and operations.
He then joined an Oil company BRITOIL, working as an Industrial Photographer, by now he knew his interests lay firmly in film making.

On gaining a place on the SCET [Scottish Council for Education and Training] coarse he was able to get funding to develop his interest in film making.
He then worked his way up the Camera Department ladder, starting as a trainee and video assistant on films like Bill Forsyth’s “Comfort and Joy”, Charlie Gormley’s “Living Apart Together”, moving up he worked as Clapper Loader on Restless Natives, Highlander, The Fruit Machine, Empire State, Every Picture tells a Story, Blood Red Roses.

Moving up to Focus Puller he worked on David Hayman’s “Silent Scream”, and BFI film Venus Peter, and various other films. At the same time he was shooting Documentaries for the BBC and ITV which allowed him to travel around the world, working in America, Russia, Australia, Nicaragua, Poland, Spain etc. As Camera Operator he worked on TV series “Cardiac Arrest” and “This Life”.

As Director of Photography he has shot feature films Shepard on the Rock, “Orphans” for Peter Mullen and TV series include Taggart, Cutting It, Life on Mars, The Vice, Tinsel Town,Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Out of Hours and Home Front.


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