Colin Monie: Editor

Colin_Monie___Gwenael_SaliouAfter studying film and drama at University I started working in the BBC Film Unit in Glasgow. When it shut down I became freelance and I have been working professionally in cutting rooms now for nearly thirty years. Over this time technological advances have changed the process radically although editing still remains principally concerned with story telling. I have been lucky enough to have worked on features directed by Peter Mullan, Deepa Mehta and David Mackenzie which have won Venice, San Sebastian, and Edinburgh Festivals; Discovery at Toronto and the Evening Standard Award along with a few Bafta Scotland Awards.

Deepa Mehta’s ‘Water’ was Oscar Nominated and ‘The Magdalene Sisters’ was nominated for the best European Film Award.

Like many of my colleagues I have always remained committed to the nurturing of a film industry in Scotland even though at times I have been working in far-flung locations. JUMPCUT is a highly ambitious and carefully thought out scheme which I am delighted to be able to contribute to.


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