Caroline Stewart: Casting Director

Caroline trained at central in drama education with the aim of teaching drama wherever the interesting jobs would take her. With that in mind, she headed off to Singapore to teach for a year, but it turns out that once you have seen one palm tree, you’ve seen them all, so home it was.

Upon returning to Glasgow, Caroline said yes to a favour, found herself chaperoning, and a television and film production career began to unfold. She stumbled around the industry working under many, many job titles, but her first taste of something akin to casting was working on a wedding show with Glasgow production company La Belle Allee, finding bride(zilla)s to participate in filming. Then, in 2004, an RSA project for Glenfiddich helped her take the leap from finding contributors to casting, with a little push from film producer Karen Smyth.

After several years of freelancing on ads, short films and music vids, Caroline landed work as a casting assistant on Taggart, the mothership of many Scottish actor’s career. Working on the show made her determined to continue in casting, so she moved to London for a while, but later returned to Glasgow to work at Kahleen Crawford Casting.


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