JUMPCUT 2016 Participants

Production Co-ordinator


I’m Abi and I come from a small town in the East Midlands. I’ve been interested in film production since a very young age and I love developing my skills across the production department, camera, sound and editing. I graduated from the University of Stirling with a BA in Film, Media & Journalism. I love travelling and exploring and am currently based in Edinburgh. JUMPCUT has been such a fantastic experience and I’m thrilled to be part of such a wonderful and talented team!

2nd Assistant Director


I’m Adam and I come from the Western Isles. I grew up in a rural community, which meant that the escapism and excitement of cinema was extremely limited to me and something I relished it where I could find it. I moved to Edinburgh and for 4 years I studied Film and Media at Queen Margaret University, graduating in 2015. I then moved to Glasgow where I live currently and am now participating on JUMPCUT!

Sound Recordist


I’m Aidan and my two main passions are music and film. I love recording and, since I record a lot of music, I thought I would try my hand at recording for film. I studied HND Sound Production at Jewel and Esk College Edinburgh, and gained my BA in Commercial Sound Production (Commercial Music) from The University of the West of Scotland. I am really enjoying being involved in JUMPCUT and I particularly love being part of a team and all working towards the same shared goal!

Script Supervisor


I’m Andrei and when I was young I wanted to get bitten by a radioactive spider and fight crime. When that didn’t pan out, I decided to pursue filmmaking instead. Having studied Film & Television at the University of Glasgow, getting into JUMPCUT has been the best thing that has happened to me since graduating. Being passionate about writing, I feel very fortunate to have been selected to be the Script Supervisor for this year’s crew – and what a terrific crew it is!

Production Designer


I’m Becky and I previously studied Communication Design at Grays School of Art. After leaving last year, I started to look into Film and TV courses, as animation and film were something that really interested me. I am loving being a part of a team here with JUMPCUT. I’m learning a lot of valuable skills from talented mentors and feel that the experience along with its challenges will help me to grow and have a better understanding of the industry.

Make-up Artist


I’m Beth and I have been interested in makeup for Film and TV for a long time now. I really enjoy changing the way people look and creating a new character. I am starting my make-up artistry course in September and feel like JUMPCUT has given me a head start and great insight into the film industry, allowing me to work with and get to know all the other departments.

Art Department Assistant


I’m Beth, a Mancunian studying an MA in History and Theatre at the University of Glasgow. I have experience in a variety of media, including theatre, television and film. As a member of the art department, I’m excited to work with my team and our mentor Mark Leese in helping to create a complex film. I really enjoy this creative role and it adds it to my experience in film, TV and theatre experience that also includes camera-operating, floor-managing, producing and writing! JUMPCUT has given me vital skills, like assisting in the art department, and knowledge of the film and TV industry, such as what everybody’s role is. Everyone on board is friendly and great and I look forward to working with them in the future!

Locations Manager


I’m Brogan and I am about to enter my final year at Queen Margaret University studying Film and Media. Since leaving secondary school I have wanted to work within the industry. As my passion grew I started seeking first-hand experience to begin my career path after graduating and JUMPCUT has provided me with this. Working alongside the mentors has been amazing, I have learned a huge amount. Along with this, the JUMPCUT crew have furthered my knowledge. Being part of team where everyone shares your passion leaves no space for a dull part to the day. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside everyone involved. The process was exciting and non-stop, I feel super motivated to continue learning and driving towards my goal.

Costume Designer

I’m Christy and I have a passion for all things fashion and fabric. I studied Costume Design and Construction at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and love designing and making both historical and contemporary clothes. Since finishing university I have worked as a costume maker and wardrobe assistant for various theatre companies. Until now I have not had any experience of working in the film industry so working as the costume designer on JUMPCUT has been a great opportunity to learn a new skill set and be able to apply and adapt my previous knowledge to a new way of working. I now have a better understanding of the film industry and have gained a lot of valuable experience by working with, and learning from, all the different departments, as well as from my mentor.

Costume Assistant

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I’m Corrie and I graduated last year with a Masters in Film and Television from the University of Glasgow. Since then I have tried to find as many opportunities within the industry as possible – particularly in the art department! I have also been working in a vintage clothing shop for the last two years thus my interest in costume and wardrobe. JUMPCUT has been a great challenge and I have enjoyed being able to source pieces from every era from all over Glasgow.

Boom Operator/Post Production Sound


I’m Craig. I’m new to Scotland and I have started on this career path later than most, therefore it is such a thrill to be a part of this years JUMPCUT Program. I’ve always felt sound was more important than picture when conveying emotion and story so being asked to capture sound on set and then create/sculpt this fictional world in post, is a real privilege. I’m so excited to be working alongside Graham McCormick (Sound Mixer) and Ian Anderson (Savalas) and I’m determined to push myself to the best of my ability, while continuing to grow my skillset. Having been recognised by BAFTA Young Talent and seeing my work premier at the London Film Festival last year, I am determined to keep this momentum going up here in Scotland.

Director of Photography


I’m Danny and I’ve worked in a variety of industries from photography to selling cars via running a kitchen before taking the plunge to working in film. With EQTV I capture Glasgow’s club nights, dance music festivals and weddings. I’m thrilled to be working under George Geddes to improve my visual storytelling and develop my professional camera skills. Our camera crew is a wee family already and I’m looking forward to collaborating on future projects with the whole crew once JUMPCUT cleans up the BAFTAs!

3rd Assistant Director

I’m Emma and I come from a small island on the west coast of Scotland. I love cameras and my main ambition in life is to film wildlife documentaries (long live David Attenborough) or to be a director of photography in the film industry. I’m currently studying Media and Communication at Glasgow Caledonian University. My main interests include travelling, skiing, reading and eating. I’m having a great time at JUMPCUT learning practical skills and meeting lots of lovely people!


Edit Assistant

I’m Fiona and since my early teens, I’ve been really interested in filmmaking. I studied Digital Film and Television at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was the edit assistant for all the graduate films in my final year. I’m really excited to be in post production and to work with the other departments to create this film.

Offline Editor

I’m George and I’m be editing this year’s JUMPCUT production. I moved to Glasgow after graduating in Film Production from the University for the Creative Arts in 2013. Since moving to the city I have been trying to make my way as a filmmaker, working on several small projects. JUMPCUT has given us a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry and create a film in a professional environment. It’s also great to meet a network of other passionate filmmakers who are keen to learn and develop their skills for the future.



I’m Grainne, but I go by Grace, I graduated school this year with the hope of working in TV or film production, although my background is in photography. With this in mind, I was so very grateful when I got offered a place in JUMPCUT 2016. The JUMPCUT family has only been together for a very short time and we are already so close!  My favourite thing to do is work with friendly, amazing people and get to hear their stories, you have all given me that chance so thank you! Can’t wait to document and photograph all your amazing work. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us all. I’m positive that it’s very bright!

Art Department/Storyboard Artist


I’m Hayley and I love graphic novels and comics. I’m quite obsessed with the understanding and knowledge of capturing people/objects and perfecting the obscurity of an image in detail and as a whole. I am inspired by many different people such as; Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Deforge, Charles Burns, Dave Gibbons and Dr Seuss. I studied Art a few years ago at Clyde Bank College, and now I am doing JUMPCUT. I feel it has given me an opportunity to thrive in what I am capable of achieving through the medium of film and art and I am excited to see the results of what we create together as one. In August, I will be going on to study art again at Anniesland college.

1st Assistant Camera


I’m Kevin and I left school to become a filmmaker. All I want to do is create and share my stories with everyone. I love working in a team, especially one filled with people as passionate about film as I am. The goal is to be a writer/director, as I want to be able to take the ideas I have, watch them come to life and showcase them to a wide audience.

Tracklayer/Edit Assistant


I’m Kirsty and I’m really excited to be a part of JUMPCUT this year! I graduated with a BA in Television Production from Edinburgh Napier University and I’m passionate about all things involved in the post production department of the Film and Television industry.

1st Assistant Camera


I’m Lauren. Being from a very small village and growing up in a tight-knit community, my neighbours were a huge part of my life growing up. My next door neighbour has been a photographer most of his life and gave me my first camera and taught me how to use it. From there I was fascinated by photography and my neighbour encouraged me every step of the way. As my passion grew, I started exploring film and felt that it was a medium in which I could better express myself. Film became an obsession too and I like nothing better than having a camera in my hand. I am absolutely delighted to have been given the role of 1st AC on JUMPCUT and to work alongside such brilliant people, and of course my mentor George Geddes.

Digital Imaging Technician


I’m Mike and I graduated from the University of Stirling last summer with a BA in Film & Media. I’ve been looking for work in the camera department since I graduated and I’m very excited to be involved in JUMPCUT 2016 as a Digital Imaging Technician. I love being right in the middle of the action and I’m really keen to pick up new skills and use them to make an excellent film.

Art Director


I’m Suzanne, Suzi, Suzzle, Flump or whatever else may take your fancy! It was during my diploma in Digital Filmmaking that I became seriously interested in production design. I’m a lover of animation, a panda enthusiast, gig-goer and happy little creative lady!