Summer Production Company 2014

  • Bekah Blyth – Art Director
  • Jasmine Chiswell – Prop Master
  • Mark Fraser – Editor
  • Rian Gordon – Floor Runner
  • Michael Kelly – 3rd Assistant Director
  • Ross Kelly – Casting Assistant
  • Kevin Main – Wardrobe Assistant
  • Polly Malloch – Casting Director
  • Stacy McEvoy – Production Designer
  • Jen McKillop – Camera Operator
  • Jonathon McLoone – Sound Recordist
  • Anna Fraga McLucas – 2nd Assistant Director
  • David McMahon – Locations Assistant
  • Jamie Meikle – DIT
  • Alan Muszynski – Camera Operator
  • Keir O’Donnell – Camera Operator
  • Emily Penn – Production Manager
  • Nasreen Saraei – Production Assistant
  • Katie Scott – Locations Assistant
  • Mandy Shannon – Locations Manager
  • Christopher Sneddon – Script Supervisor
  • Lewis Wardrop – 1st Assistant Director

Anna Fraga McLucas

I studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia, Spain, where I am originally from. Last year I came to Glasgow to continue my studies at the University of Glasgow, where I undertook an MSc in Media Management. Both courses were very theoretical so when I came across the opportunity to join JUMPCUT Summer Production Company through the Creative Scotland website I applied straight away.

During the programme my role was Second Assistant Director. I have to admit that when I was assigned such role I did not know exactly what it entailed, but that’s what Jumpcut is about: hands on experience. It also offered me an incredible network of industry professionals. Thanks to all this I have managed to get a foot in the door after finding work as a floor runner.

Bekah Blyth

Armed with an English Literature degree from the University of Glasgow, a passion for writing and a third of my life spent working in hospitality; I enthusiastically applied to Jumpcut Summer Production Company in the hope that it would confirm my suitability for the creative industries.

My role in the company was as Art Director. Primarily, this entailed overseeing the administrative facets of the production’s Art Department. Being highly organised, reactive to problems and possessing a solid attention to detail, this role was definitely apt for my skillset and I thoroughly enjoyed my position.

  1. Did Jumpcut confirm my suitability for a career in the creative industries?
  2. Unequivocally, yes.

Since completion of university, I yearned for a real immersive challenge and Jumpcut undoubtedly provided me with one. I arrived with absolutely no experience of the industry, simply an innate passion and some transferable skills. I truly thrived on the experience, and the knowledge gained has been invaluable to my growth as an individual. Ultimately, Jumpcut has provided me with the confidence to pursue a career within the sector and I am also continuing to hone my writing.

David McMahon

Before Jumpcut I had just completed my first year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (BA Digital Film and Television) and felt that this was an opportunity to explore what had been taught to me before in a practical way. My experience in film was very scattered at that point with some runners/researcher jobs, basic camera operating and sound under my belt a further reason to take on this opportunity.

During the production I undertook the role of Locations Assistant which was a department I’ve never experienced to small production. It was an amazing time! There where plenty of locations in this script including a waste ground area for a heated argument scene and lots of roads for driving. Through out Jumpcut I think the locations team faced many of the real problems that Locations Dept. normally would experience developing us into job ready individuals.

Since Jumpcut I have found myself wanting to be involved with the Production Depts; that might be locations, production co-ordinating or through being a producer but for now I know I would like to be in one of those. Now being back at the Royal Conservatoire for my second year I’m looking for work experience out with the university and will soon be picking a specialism in Producing.

Emily Penn

I am a full time student at the Glasgow School of Art studying Fine Art: Sculpture & Environmental Art. I did Jumpcut in the summer between my third and final year of studies. I found out about Jumpcut through GMAC, a great company I had previously worked for. I decided to apply to further my knowledge of working in a professional filmmaking environment. Previous to Jumpcut, I had worked on a few short films, largely for artists, in the production teams. Jumpcut offered a fantastic opportunity to understand and experience a completely professional production and meet some fantastic, experienced people working in the industry.

I was given the role of Shadow Producer, which was an incredible chance. Jumpcut is a very demanding and exciting experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the other trainees, and the friendships that formed throughout the process were one of the best aspects. Very early on we were taught about the fundamental importance of communication throughout the project, and in my role this was key. Admittedly, I did not pay enough attention to this at certain points, but the mentors were really helpful in supporting me through the process. One of the best things about Jumpcut is the huge amount of people you meet and the vast amount of knowledge you gain through the project.

Since Jumpcut I have been focusing on my final year of studies at university. After I graduate I am planning to continue exploring work in film production, particularly in relation to advertising or artists work.

Jamie Meikle

My love for film and my desire to work in the industry dates back to before I was a teenager. I studied Film & Media at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh for four years, graduating with my honours degree in 2013.

This year’s JUMPCUT Summer Production saw me undertake two roles. I was the Digital Image Technician during production and during post-production I worked as the assistant editor.  Working on Dropping Off Michael was a fulfilling experience. It allowed me the opportunity to get my hands on industry standard equipment, expand my knowledge on all aspects of film production and get to work with a group of talented and dedicated individuals.

Since JUMPCUT I have gone on to work at Mallinson Television Productions as a casting coordinator and recently took part in the 48 Hour Film Project with other JUMPCUT alumni.

Jasmine Chiswell

Before Starting Jumpcut:

I had just finished my HND in Media & Communications at City of Glasgow College and I wanted to start developing a career in the film industry a lot more. I wrote, directed and edited my very own short horror film which was in the official selection for The Viewsters Online Film Festival which was part of Raindance in London and got to the final in The British Horror Film Festival. I was delighted with the success of my film ‘It’s Not Real’ and from then there was no stopping me. My dream is to be a horror film director and I am still pursuing that dream and I won’t stop till I get there!

I found out about Jumpcut from working on a film project for South Lanarkshire Council and from that I applied straight away hoping to get a place on the Jumpcut team.

The Role Which I Undertook:

I was the Prop Master in the Art Department on the Jumpcut Summer Production team. My job was to source and buy props for each scene of the script. I had never been involved directly in the art department so this was something completely new to me. I felt that learning this would help me in making the sets in my own horror films. I found it challenging at times, but I guess every role usually is. However, I did find it fun and enjoyable.

What I’ve been doing Since:

My feelings haven’t changed about being a film director and I definitely know that that is for me. I’m still working with South Lanarkshire Council making a documentary film and helping to film four other short films. I have also released a short horror film series called ‘Castle Tales’ which I’m still filming for at the moment. I’m writing short horror film scripts all of the time and one of them I will be directing very soon with the Jumpcut Steering Group.

Jenn McKillon

Before JUMPCUT I worked as a commercial video coordinator for the social enterprise, Youth Football Scotland. My job consisted of producing creative content for clients such as the Scottish FA, FIFA and local businesses. My work was very football/sport orientated in which I was a crew of one! Myself. I wanted to be part of a team and create something different to my norm, as well as immerse myself in to all there is to learn about the film industry – JUMPCUT definitely provided that.

I was part of the camera department and I was luckily enough to undertake several roles involved in the department;  trainee, 2nd AC, Operator etc.  I found it very helpful and interesting. I really loved the fact I got to experience each role because it gave me a better understanding and it’s completely invaluable to learn! I will never get a job as a camera operator straight away, I will need to work my way up and I already have a head start because of being able to take full responsibility of each role.

Since JUMPCUT I returned to my previous job which I am lucky to have. I love my job and I love it even more now since I can put everything I learnt in to practice every day. I am only getting better and Jumpcut gave me that opportunity to grow.

Jonathon McLoone

I studied Electronic Engineering with Music at the University of Glasgow before completing a postgraduate degree in Sound for the Moving Image from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014. I took an avid interest in sound design, documentaries, and audio programming and my own short film Rush Hour Crush screened at independent film festivals in India, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

After working on a few zero-budget projects, I applied to take part in Jumpcut SPC to gain some real professional industry experience.I was the production sound mixer trainee on the set of Dropping Off Michael as well as sound editor which allowed me the fantastic opportunity to briefly be part of the team at Savalas as well as working closely with director Zam Salim.

Being part of Jumpcut SPC has given me the experience and extra training to allow me to take on more freelance sound work.

Katie Scott

Before applying for the position in the Jumpcut Summer Production Company I’d had some valuable experience working in a professional crew environment. My first experience on a professional set was two years prior to Jumpcut SPC14 where I undertook my first role as locations assistant on the set of John McKay’s, ’Not Another Happy Ending’. A year from that I began the first of four years’ studying at UWS, the film making and screen writing BA. That year I also was lucky enough to secure another locations assistant position on the set of CBBC’s programme MI High.

Moving into second year at university, after these educating experiences and having some induction time to work on my portfolio, I was eager to move forward and take the next step towards my goals in the competitive industry. The most important attribute that Jumpcut greatly expressed in the job description was that the SPC was a training scheme for individuals looking to gain more knowledge of the industry. Thus after hearing the other many positives of the Jumpcut experience through social media and friends, that’s when I decided to put myself forward for a position in the company.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to secure a role in the company as the locations assistant for the duration of the Jumpcut project. Working alongside my peers and closely with the rest of production, my team and I scouted around Film City and Glasgow to find places that were aesthetically appropriate and safe for our project, ‘Dropping Off Michael’. It was most definitely a challenge, however with the support and encouragement from our mentors we were able to find locations to lock down in time for the shooting deadline. The entire process was extremely satisfying.  Because Jumpcut encouraged independence and provided the incomparable support to help us tackle all the problems that arose, my team and I were able to succeed in our roles within the company.

Now that the process has ended, I’m more optimistic and excited than ever for what’s to come in my future within the professional film industry. Jumpcut has opened a lot of doors and nourished my confidence greatly! I’ve now secured for this coming October work experience on an up-and-coming television programme in London and will carry the drive that Jumpcut has given me for the rest of my hopefully long and fruitful career.

Kevin Main

Before Jumpcut I was volunteering with a charity called GMAC Film helping out with movie clubs and movie making projects and I was also helping out friends with small projects. Once I heard about Jumpcut I saw it as a chance to go to the next stage of film making so I applied with no second thought.

I was lucky enough to do a few different roles from working in the art department to securing props and coming up with ideas about the looks for the sets. I touched on costume and later on I took it on as my main role and on shoot was the wardrobe assistant.

Since Jumpcut I’ve been working on my job plan that was discussed at my debrief from getting my driving license to putting myself out there for employment. I feel that it is only a matter of time before my plan comes to fruition, and until then I shall continue to help others with their projects and make my own short film, which I’m currently working on the script for.

Lewis Wardrop

Hi, I’m Lewis and I was the 1st AD on Dropping Off Michael. I graduated in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Film & Television from Edinburgh College of Art and since then I was working as a freelance camera operator and a runner. My real passion lies in narrative storytelling and drama, and when I found out about Jumpcut I knew it was the right opportunity for me. Jumpcut is great because you have the ability to learn directly from industry mentors, as well as your peers, and gain first hand practical experience of making a low-budget, short film.

I really enjoyed my role as 1st AD as during the shoot I was able to be in the thick of the action and make sure everything ran on time and to schedule. As a 1st AD you have to be able to work calmly under pressure, communicate clearly between crewmembers and be decisive in your decision making – I felt like a learnt a lot from my brilliant 1stAD mentor, Susan Clark.

I would highly recommend Jumpcut to anyone looking to gain industry standard experience of drama production as it has given me the confidence to go out and find more work in the industry and make use of the contacts I gained through Jumpcut. Currently I’m working as a freelance production assistant and runner with a commercials company in Glasgow called MTP.

Mandy Shannon

I acted as Location Manager on Dropping Off Michael and built good relationships with all areas of the crew. I thoroughly enjoyed the project, working with everyone involved and I would strongly recommend JumpCut.

After my first degree in Public Relations, Mandy decided to pursue a more creative career. Due to my love of design and practical work, filmmaking acted as an exciting new opportunity and way to channel my creative skills. Having never studied film before, I made my very first film in 2012 and after applying my design skills, discovered a love of cinematography, editing and after effects. I am now a scholarship graduate from the SAE Institute in Glasgow where I studied Digital Film Making.

I am interested in making documentaries, music videos, adverts and short films, which I currently work on in my spare time as well as helping other filmmakers on their projects. In the long run I hope to become a Director of Photography, although I love all areas of film work.

Mark Fraser

Before JUMPCUT, I studied TV Production at Stow College and Filmmaking & Screenwriting at the University of the West of Scotland. At first, I wanted to be a director but after my first attempt of it in college, I realised it wasn’t for me and that I enjoyed camera work and editing a lot more, both of which I’ve been getting a good amount of freelance work. I even got to travel to Romania in 2012 to work on a short promotional film for a charity.

On ‘Dropping Off Michael’, I was the Editor. Even though I love camera more-or-less the same, on JUMPCUT I wanted to pursue editing because I felt I needed to learn more about it and experience it with film, as opposed to documentary and music videos, which I was a lot more used to. I’m definitely grateful and enjoyed larning from Zam Salim and all the other editors that helped guide us. I’m currently looking for more Editing or Assistant Editing work, while still taking on freelance camera jobs and finishing my graduation film, ‘Taking Tam-o’, which an early cut of was nominated for Best 4th Year Fiction.

Nasreen Saraei

Creativity is both my passion and talent. I previously believed careers and passions were separate areas of life; I was always encouraged to pursue a practical profession over career satisfaction. I now know from personal experience that I desire creativity over safety. I am intensely fascinated by film and writing. It has been one of the constant passions throughout my life and I believe it will continue to be. Before JUMPCUT I had just completed my first year of studying BA (Hons) Film at The Screen Academy. Studying the subject is an academic privilege and I’m currently broadening my creativity, developing my perspective, and achieving personal fulfilment.

Being a rather inexperienced first year film student, it was both heartening and interesting to learn that even the graduate film students, with four years of uni experience, were just as clueless as I was about what actually goes into a professional production. This industry, with its massive budgets and large-scale crews, is so vastly different from the small-scale films we’re accustomed to making as students, and JUMPCUT provided an invaluable experiential bridge between these two worlds. My role varied throughout the process, between production assistant and locations assistant. I enthusiastically relished the responsibilities of both departments and definitely enjoyed access to my very own production car! I also found observing Zam Salim’s directorial techniques and his interactions with our actors very beneficial. Bonding with my fellow crew of eager students/graduates, alongside working with, and hearing inspiring words from, some very wise and accomplished people within the TV and Film Industry, made the experience one of the best personal and professional experiences I’ve ever had.

Returning to normal life was a difficult transition after being so immersed in the professional world of the production. It seems crazy schedules aren’t a burden one bit when you genuinely love what you’re learning, doing, and the incredible people who surround and work with you. Although I’m back at uni continuing on with my degree, I hope to continue on with further professional experience whenever I can.

Polly Malloch

I’m a very recent University of Glasgow graduate, so before Jumpcut I was doing a work placement with Kahleen Crawford Casting that I had secured through a university module. Therefore I fitted into the Casting Director role within Jumpcut quite easily as I already had a rough idea of what to do through shadowing and assisting everyone at Kahleen’s.

I loved my role at Jumpcut as it was my first position as a Casting Director and allowed me to have a go at everything I’d been watching for the past few months. I loved being able to put everything I’d been learning to practical use, and it was also great getting to see Dropping Off Michael being made.  I probably knew the least about film making in the group, as my degree is in Theatre Studies, so I learned huge amounts just by being on the set.

I now work full time at Kahleen Crawford Casting as a Casting Assistant and intend to keep working in casting for the foreseeable future. I reckon my position at Jumpcut played a massive part in this, as it is the perfect mix of throwing you in the deep end and mentoring that makes you appreciate the work environment alongside learning the required skills. It was a fantastic opportunity.

Ross Kelly

I started making films at 18 when I went to college to study TV Production, learning the ropes of technical production and having the opportunity to work as the Official Film Team for the Glasgow Film Festival for two years.

Before Jumpcut, I was studying Film at UWS. I was spending my final year working, creating my own distinctive style of directing and filmmaking. I applied my method to my graduation film “Cracked Glass” a dual-narrative drama exploring the effects of a school shooting which was nominated for “Best Fiction” at the showcase and has been well received with audiences. Additionally working on a variety of short films as camera and sound and creating films of my own.

I successfully graduated with Honours following 2 years worth of additional networking in Glasgow and Edinburgh in which I was able to acquire a large catalogue of contacts and small work including an internship at GMAC Film.

I found JUMPCUT through my university. Seeing the industry opportunity of the company and a chance to get industry level training I decided to apply. I worked in dual-roles as the Casting Assistant at Kahleen Crawford Casting and Boom Operator. Being the boom operator I was able to improve my on-set etiquette and garner a true importance of the role. With casting, I was able to gain a strong understanding of how the talent is selected and getting the best performances out of your actors.

Since then, I’ve been working on a couple of short films and through helping on auditions, been hired for a feature film starting in January 2015.

In parallel to my production work, I’ve decided to go back into screen acting once more to expand my skillset and film experience, focusing on directing and acting. I’m also currently writing a 30-40 minute short film dealing with gender identity, sticking with my style of tackling social issues, and hope to have the film funded and ready to shoot early next year.

Stacy McEvoy

Before Jumpcut I was a film and television student with very little industry experience but a big passion for working in the Art Department.

When I was introduced to Jumpcut I decided to apply as I wanted to gain specific industry experience. I had not came across a programme which offered the opportunities that Jumpcut provides.

During my time at Jumpcut I undertook the role of Production Designer and Head of the Art Department. This role was equally challenging and rewarding.

Having never managed a small team before the role created challenges but ultimately the work the team and myself produced was worth every ounce of effort.

Since Jumpcut I am completing my final year at University, getting involved in film projects with likeminded people, and excited to enter the industry after I graduate – with much more confidence and experience than I had before.