Summer Production Company Crew

Documentary Team

Calum Firth

picture of Calum FirthI am Calum Firth. I have spent the last few years learning about the creative and film/television industries by spending two years studying Television Production at Stow College in Glasgow. During my time at Stow I was involved in creating short films and music videos and had the fantastic opportunity of working with the Glasgow Film Festival to create promotional material during the festival for the festival.

After graduating Stow I continued my studies at the University of the West of Scotland on the Film-making and Screen Writing course. At UWS was able to continue being involved in the production short films and developed an interest script writing as well. I graduated this year with an Honours degree.

At JUMPCUT Summer Production Company I will be working as Script Supervisor and Production Assistant.

Calum Upton

bigCalum Upton was born in Edinburgh in 1989. During his performance studies at the Academy of Contemporary Music (2007-2010), he became in demand as an arranger/musical director. After a spell in London working on his original music and performing in the London 2012 Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Calum returned to Scotland in January 2013. He now works from a home studio, producing sound design for independent films, and composing production music.

Website: http://www.calumupton.com

Christopher Osborne

Me 5I have always had an avid interest in Sound, (studio work, live reinforcement and for picture). I studied Music Technology at University of the West of Scotland for four years, leaving with an Honours degree last year. I have also carried out live sound reinforcement in the old Arts Guild and now Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock for over 6 years.

I recently carried out the Sound Recording and Design for Dying Light (www.facebook.com/dyinglightfilm), a micro-budget feature funded by the Big Lottery. I have also recently started a group along with a few colleagues called Pan Breed Productions (www.facebook.com/panbreedproductions). As a group we aim to produce media (film, audio, animation, print etc), whilst being able to offer experience and training in media production to anyone with an interest, with or without previous training.

I hope to gain valuable experience during JUMPCUT whilst making new contacts and a few friends on the way.

Daniel Hill

IMG_1540Graduated in 2012 from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Intermedia. Inspired by the work of Lance Acord, Hoyte Van Hoytema, Roger Deakins and Robert Richardson. An aspiration to make films like Edward Hopper paintings.

Links to work: http://danielhill.tumblr.com 

Emily Morrison

I have always been into movies since I was young but never thought of working in the industry till I was introduced to a young persons film course. I enjoyed it so much I went back 3times! I studied TV production at City of Glasgow college and graduated last year. I am really interested in Camera op and stop motion animation hoping i will do more in the future.

I recently worked on a movie To Kill a Kelpie and the writer is walking round 28 countries in Europe to helping show awareness of the subject of the movie.

I hope to gain great experience at JUMPCUT and make some new contacts and friends.

Gavin Hopkins

Gav 2

Gavin started making films with his friends as a teenager and progressed on to study TV Production at Glasgow Metropolitan College and Filmmaking and Screenwriting at the University of the West of Scotland. During this time he was involved in making a variety of short films, directing several of his own and acting as cinematographer on a number of others.

Since graduating he has been working as a freelance camera operator across Scotland and the UK whilst continuing to make short films and other creative videos in his spare time. He hopes to eventually become a cinematographer or director of feature films.

Gavin is the camera operator on Good Souls, developing a close working relationship with the director of photography Daniel Hill to achieve the film’s specific visual style.

Hannah Topalian

Hannah Topalian

Hannah was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1989 and is of Scottish and Armenian descent. She is currently studying at the Glasgow School of Art and has been specialising in filmmaking and production since her time there. She has previously contributed to the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, as well as having numerous exhibitions of her time-based film installations in Glasgow and surrounding cities.

Most recently, she was selected from a UK call-out for a touring art exhibition ‘Platform 7’, organised by The Skinny and Somewhereto and funded by Legacy Trust UK and Channel 4, which travelled to Edinburgh and Liverpool.

Originally from a background in theatre and performance, Hannah has experience of both sides of production. Hannah played a lead role in an independent short film, My Friend Helen, which was screened in Glasgow and selected for various international film festivals.

Hannah’s passion for filmmaking and video installations has naturally developed her keen interest in production design. The Jumpcut initiative has provided Hannah with the opportunity to work and thrive as a Production Designer and Prop Master in a professional environment.

By embracing every opportunity and through treating her degree at the GSA as a platform for learning, Hannah is exposed to a constant stream of new experiences and knowledge to grow professionally in the screen industries.

You can contact Hannah at: hannah.topalian@hotmail.com


James Price

76068_170435019770203_39125566_nI’m James Price from Springburn in Glasgow. I’m a passionate film geek, I’ve always known from a very young age I wanted to work in the film industry. I’ve been writing Glasgow set screenplays from a very young age as a hobby and I still enjoy it to this day. I made one no budget short film with two friends, two iphones and eleven bottles of red food coloring from Asda.

I also enjoy doing timelapse photography and I managed to get some footage into the We Are Northern Lights documentary. I am hoping to continue being a part of this creative industry as there’s nothing I enjoy more than being a part of film making.

This is a link to my youtube channel:


Katelynn Collins

UntitledMy name is Katelynn Collins and I am part of the work placement crew running alongside the Summer Production Company within Jumpcut.  I am primarily interested in pre-production scriptwriting and script supervising on set however I also have a keen interest in editing in post-production.  Due to my various interests I am eager to take part in many different roles throughout the film-making process.

Within a small crew, I will be working on a documentary film being created in conjunction with the Jumpcut project and this film is enabling us to inform aspiring film-makers of Jumpcut and the potential the project has for young, aspiring film-makers.  Being mentored by professional documentary film-maker Martyn Robertson, we will have the chance to learn new skills and techniques on documentary film-making and we will have hands-on practice with applied film-making and editing equipment.  The month-long learning experience with the work placement crew will leave us with a great knowledge on the film-making process and will let us experience every different aspect of short film-making.

Peter J Stewart

1b38137Peter Stewart is a freelance production worker and graduate from The University of the West of Scotland living in Glasgow. He studied Music Technology that, in part, focused on film audio and video post-production.

In his final year at University he specialised in post-production techniques from around the world. Creating four short films to represent the creative methods used in post-production and production techniques in developing countries and independent filmmakers. This project was inspired by his passion for post-production and so in the long run Peter hopes to become and editor.

Since leaving University Peter and his partner set up Forty Third Minute Productions a small production company used to house all of there short films and independent freelance work for music video, promotional video and live performance.



Mark Johnstone


Mark Johnstone studied Film Making and Screen Writing at UWS graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree. During his time at university Mark helped create over 50 short films, gained work experience on the feature film Filth (2013) and won the best 4th year drama award with his short filmAffinity which was later screened at BBC Scotland.

Currently Mark is Producing Good Souls with Ryan Pasi in the Summer Production Company for JUMPCUT whilst also having the role of 1st Assistant Director. In the future Mark hopes to work in the Film and Television industry whilst developing his own projects.

Omiros Vazos


Omiros, born in Greece in 1991, developed an avid passion for cinema around the time when he first moved to Glasgow with his family at age 15. Having been touched by the works of Charlie Chaplin, Tim Burton and Bob Fosse he decided to enter the Glasgow University’s Theatre, Film & TV Studies course in order to gain a deeper understanding of the medium of cinema and the way it can engage millions of people around the globe. During this time he became involved in student film productions as a runner, actor, camera/sound operator and (occasionally) editor but his main interest remains in writing and directing. His short film, Daisy’s Dolls (made with a budget of ?700), has been screened at London’s Cinematique, Bristol’s Jump Cut Festival and the UK’s National Student Film Festival where it won for Best Thriller/Horror in 2013. Extracurricular activities include evening acting classes, volunteering as an usher at the Glasgow Film Theatre and taking part in the GFT’s Pop-Up cinema group, the Pop-Up Programmers. Nowadays his cinematic influences include Darren Aronofsky, Federico Fellini, Krzysztof Kieslowski, and Chan-Wook Park. Starting this September Omiros will be on his final year of studies at Glasgow where he will be working as a secretary for the Cut Filmmaking Network, taking part in organising a Pop-Up event for the Glasgow Film Festival and, equipped with what he has learned in the JUMPCUT SPC, will be initiating some of his own short film projects.

Rachel Smith

rachelshmithBorn in Glasgow, I grew up just out side of the city. I graduated from Edinburgh Napier with a BA in Design and Digital Arts, I have always had a strong passion for film and the history and development of the industry.

I came on board JUMPCUT looking to gain experience within a production company with future ambitions to become a production designer.

Contact information: 90rachelsmith@gmail.com

Richard Thomson


My name is Richard Thomson. I am seventeen years old.

I have a very keen interest in writing, directing and producing films  in the future.

Up until now I have done two weeks work experience with the Comedy  Unit based in Maryhill. I am currently working on a documentary with  JUMPCUT that will investigate the gap between film education and  breaking into the professional industry. It will feature interviews  with industry professionals, actors, politicians and institution heads

So far working on the documentary has given a lot more knowledge and  experience in camera operating, sound, editing and directing.

I am currently beginning my final year at secondary school with the  ambition of studying/working in film when I graduate. Throughout the  rest of the year I will be continuing to make the documentary  supported by JUMPCUT as well as making my own short films and working  on music videos.

Contact information: richard.thomson1@talktalk.net | Mobile: 07808 228556

Ryan Pasi

Ryan PasiLike a lot of people in this industry my path towards it hasn’t been the norm (if there is one). I graduated from Strathclyde in 2011 with an Economics degree but decided to pursue my passion and started making short films again. I started the Glasgow Film Crew, a group for indie film makers and people who have a passion for making films and just want to get involved! Meeting new people with similar interests who I want to collaborate with has been fantastic. For JUMPCUT’s Summer Production Company I’m producing with Mark Johnstone and I’ll be working on the colour grade in post-production.

Scot Morrison

Bio shotScot is the 1st Assistant Camera/VFX Designer on Good Souls and has been working on short films for over four years. His background is mainly in factual, having graduated from Glasgow Metropolitan, which has an emphasis on documentary filmmaking.

Although, in his own words, “Documentary work is great as it allows you to explore the real world through any set of eyes you want, and provides challenges as a camera operator/DoP to compose images that tell the story without seeming to over (or under) dramatic. Drama is fairly new to me, but I believe there are visual techniques mainly found in documentary which could have a great place in drama, with the right subject matter.”

Scot is also a rather massive lover of sci-fi.

Thomas Clark

409511_2680800172449_1816647388_nFrom an early age Thom developed a passion for film and storytelling. In 2011 Thom graduated from the University of West of Scotland where he studied BA(Hons) Filmmaking & Screenwriting. Hungry for more education in film editing he went on to study his Masters degree at Bournemouth University and graduated in 2012 with a Distinction in Post-Production Editing. His Master’s project in collaboration with MA Directing student Lee Keable entitled ‘At War with the Thirst’, a long form documentary based on UK metal band Fearless Vampire Killers, was broadcast on UK television in early 2013. Now living back in Glasgow, Thom is determined to break though into post-production on his home turf and go on to edit feature films and documentaries. JUMP CUT has already provided Thom with the opportunity to work as an Assistant Editor on Ian Waugh’s latest short film, ‘As He Lay Falling’, filmed in the north-west of Scotland earlier this summer. During JUMPCUTs Summer Production Company, Thom will be mentored by established film editor Colin Monie (The Magdalene Sisters, Neds, We Are Northern Lights).

William Lancashire

I graduated from the University of Brighton in the summer of 2012 where I studied Broadcast Media. I promplty moved to Glasgow afterwards to seek work in the TV/Media industry. Prior to Jumpcut Summer production Company I was worked for a Plantion Productions, a community based charity which aims to promote the arts in Govan. You can see some of their films on their website: www.plantation.org.uk

Zoë Smart

After successfully completing a HND Creative Industries: Television Production at City of Glasgow College Zoë progressed to the 3rd year of BA Film-making and Screenwriting at the University of The West of Scotland which she passed with distinction.

Currently the boom operator on the JUMPCUT Summer Production Company Zoë hopes to improve her technique to a professional standard. Zoë will be returning for her 4th BA (Hon) year at the University of The West of Scotland after the summer break.

As well as creating her own films previous work experience includes M8 Media in Glasgow and ELGATO Film Productions in Ayr. Zoë is hoping after completing the course at JUMPCUT Summer Production Company and her degree she will be able to gain work within the creative industries focusing on television and film. Zoë also has an interest in stop-frame and computer animation.