Award for Misgivings + More Festival Screenings

JUMPCUT production Misgivings received its first award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, following its premiere there last month. It was presented with the World Cinema Short Narrative Award during a ceremony on Thursday 15 September at Venice Beach Suites in Los Angeles, marking a fantastic achievement for everyone involved in making the film.

We’re also excited to announce further festival screenings in October and November. We’re delighted that Misgivings will be shown at Adirondack Film Festival in Glens Falls, New York during the weekend of 21-22 October, and at the 10th annual Rockport Film Festival in Rockport, Texas from 3-5 November.

That’s in addition to the film’s first Scottish screening, which takes place as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival’s Youth Perspective programme at the CCA on Sunday 16 October. It’s wonderful to have the film shown across the world, but we’re delighted to have a local screening that the JUMPCUT crew can attend!

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