Music Video Project (with Glasgow Music Studios, South Lanarkshire Council and Forest of Black)

Since November JUMPCUT have been working with young people from the South Lanarkshire area and Glasgow Music Studios developing music videos for original tracks, also composed by the young people. Forest of Black who have produced music videos for bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Biffy Clyro and Belle and Sebastian) and Ian Robertson who directed the video for Duke Dumont’s ‘I Need You 100%’ and Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Love This Town’, mentored on the project. Here are some images from the project so far!

20140202_141105 20140216_101608 20140216_101640 20140216_101653 20140216_101702 (1) 20140216_101702 20140216_142653 20140216_142744 20140216_165653 1391350409149 1391352035559 1392547001044

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