Good Souls’ Shooting

A few days without posting in this blog, and there is a very simple reason for that: Good Soul’s busy shooting week.

From Tuesday to Saturday last week our crew, mentors and cast set their alarm clocks early in the morning and got up to get to work. We had long shooting days, and the weather didn’t give us a break: instead of the sunny days the forecast of prep week predicted, we got storms. Even thunder storms sometimes.

It was a long week of work that brought a lot of learning experiences for the crew. JUMPCUT’s mentors had the chance to watch their mentees getting better and more used their roles everyday. By the last day, our crew was working in a fast pace, communicating and interacting brilliantly.


We have only one week left of Summer Production Company now. From this point on, part of the crew will involved in post-production roles, while the rest discuss distribution strategies and graphic materials for the film.

Good Souls is still far from being ready, but a lot closer to reality than a week ago.

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