Prep Week is Over!

Today was quite a calm day at our production office, which by now we hope means only one thing: everything is on track!

After six days of intensive pre-production, our crew is finally ready and have (almost) everything sorted for shooting Good Souls. We are now halfway through Summer Production Company, and there are only two weeks to go: shooting week and editing/post-production week. At this point, our crew has been divided in several departments to make sure that nothing is missing when we drive off Film City Glasgow on Tuesday, so it is fair to say everyone is experiencing JUMPCUT differently and learning different skills from all our mentors.

Our art department has had a very busy week creating the world of Good Souls. At some point, it even involved watching strangers trashing an old car for the shooting.

Sound and camera had a very similar week sorting out all the necessary equipment and making sure we got them on time for next week. Learning how to operate and making sound/camera tests took quite some time of this part the crew throughout the week.

Location department spent a lot of time out of the office, as they were scouting Glasgow after the perfect spot for our shooting, and later negotiating with owners to make sure we have access to all the facilities needed.

The production crew was on top of all budgetary issues, as well as organizing all practicalities and logistics, like making schedules for both prep and shooting week.

Director Liz Randon spent all week meeting with the different crews making sure things were moving forward to the same direction. She also conducted castings sessions and rehearsed with the final cast.

Last, but not least, JUMPCUT Documentary Crew has been keeping a close eye on everything that is happening with Summer Production Company and researching about the Scottish film industry for their documentary Uncut.

Everyone is excited to get to location and shoot, but first is time for a very well deserved rest day before the hard work continues.

3 thoughts on “Prep Week is Over!

  1. Zoë says:

    Had a really good week in the sound department with an absolutely brilliant mentor Dougie Fairgrieve. We made sure to ask lots of questions and were lucky enough to get in on a rehearsal today which was a huge help with planning for recording clear dialogue next week. Also was interviewed by the documentary crew which I wasn’t expecting but hopefully some of my answers will be useful! Really looking forward to next week and feeling very lucky to be on the jump cut crew 🙂 It has been great seeing everyone work so hard and really looking forward to seeing the combined efforts come to life in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Peter stewart says:

    It has been a really interesting week at Jump Cut. I had two fantastic Editing mentors and Avid instructors, Colin Monie and Nigel Honey. I also spent a large part of the week with the sound department just observing and learning about Boom operation and sound mixing. I am very excited to get onto set next week see everyone’s hard work pay off I think it is going to be a good one.

  3. Omiros says:

    Having Carmel as our art department mentor has been a superb experience and one that has taught me a lot in the course of this production. If it weren’t for her we would have certainly been lost. I hope working together has been as a pleasant experience for her as it has been for us.

    Also being the one present and responsible for the car getting smashed was a genuinely nerve-racking experience. We only had one chance at getting it right and at that point in the process it would have been very difficult to find an alternative car so we are lucky that all went well. The folks at A1 Uplifts were very cooperative and we all had fun seeing and filming the car getting smashed. It is now all ready for Monday and we are very excited to put the set together and start filming.

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