JUMPCUT Documentary Crew Pitch Day – “Uncut”

The work experience trainees known as the JUMPCUT Documentary Crew pitched their proposal to the mentors today and were given the green light for their project “Uncut”.  The project will be undertaken by Katelynn Collins, Richard Thomson and Tezza Raeburn with guidance from Martyn Robertson of Urbancroft Films.  The documentary will not only be covering the behind-the-scenes and on location with the JUMPCUT crew but it will also analyse the state of film-making in Scotland and what the future holds for young aspiring film-makers.  It will also cover film-making in neighbouring countries, such as Denmark, in order to compare the differences between these countries and Scotland.  They intend to discover why countries such as Denmark have such successful training schemes in the film industry for young people and they want to attempt to introduce this model to the Scottish film industry. 

2 thoughts on “JUMPCUT Documentary Crew Pitch Day – “Uncut”

  1. Zoë says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the end product with the documentary – it will be great to see similar schemes being ran in different countries and how each department on the jump cut summer production company are getting on with things.

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