Casting Sessions

As pre-production week continues and the crew needs to prepare everything for next week, there was a particularly important task going on since yesterday afternoon: casting sessions. A number of actors showed up to Film City to audition for one of the roles of Good Souls. The decision of the final cast is not only important for the outcome of the film, but also for keeping up with the schedule during the prep week, as there are rehearsals planned and the art department still has to male final decisions about the actors’ costumes.

Meanwhile, all other departments have had a couple of busy days, but we are only halfway through pre-production week, and there is still a lot of hard working to be done.

One thought on “Casting Sessions

  1. Zoë says:

    Had a really good day in the sound department going over all the functions of the 664 recorder with our mentor Dougie, followed by a trip to Savalas where Kahl kindly agreed to listen to our sample sound from each location and tell us if it was usable.

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