SPC’s Friday and Saturday

Check out what Summer Production Company’s crew member Ryan Pasi had to say about Friday and Saturday at JUMPCUT:

It’s the end of the first week and it’s flown by so fast! On Friday we started getting organised for next week’s prep week. Everyone is really gearing up already but there is a mammoth amount of work to get through. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this stage but with the support of the mentors it’s giving people the confidence that not only will we be able to pull it off but it will be a piece of work to be very proud of.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of talks from Martin Smith, Hope Dickson Leach and Rory Stewart about their career paths and the business of making short films. It was really inspiring to hear what they had to say and the short at the end Tracks was fantastic and again very inspiring.

Our Director Liz, met with the writer of the script and Colin Kennedy to work through the script and get towards a final draft whilst the production team received some sound advice from Sam Ferguson and Brian Coffey from Sigma films.

Saturday was yet another fantastic experience for the JUMPCUT team. The team were given a superb master class on observational documentaries from Karen Kelly. It was shocking how much work and how intensity goes into making them. How naïve to have thought it’s just a case of pointing the camera and observing what happens! A big thanks to Christy St. John, Tharan Sivapatham and Callum McLeod, as well as our very own James Price and Hannah Topalian for acting out the scenario.

It’s been an intense week and it’s only the beginning! A big thanks to all the mentors and especially Catriona for really getting this going and pushing everyone to give their best.

It’s a rest day next and then the madness of prep week begins!

One thought on “SPC’s Friday and Saturday

  1. Zoë says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed week 1 at jump cut. Friday was jam packed full with various different activities including a trip for some of the lucky crew to see the Savalas studios where we discussed sound, post sound and editing in general. Really enjoyed listening to how different writers/directors got into the game later in the day and watching some of their work.

    The Saturday workshop was absolutely excellent Karen Kelly had great practical exercises including actors to show us her dos and don’ts when it comes to Observational Documentary making. It was really great to conclude the day with her documentary – especially after learning about everything that happened outwith the film.

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