First day of Prep Week

Summer Production Company has finally started pre-production for Good Souls. This will be a very intense week, and the crew has been split up into departments in order to arrange everything that has to be done before shooting next week. Camera/sound crew are deciding on equipments, art crew is are busy looking for all objects, clothes and props, location crew is looking for and testing different places to shoot, production crew is making sure things don’t go over budget and director Liz Randon is meeting with all departments to make sure people are all on the same page.

One thought on “First day of Prep Week

  1. Zoë says:

    Really good first day. Along with our mentor – Douglas Fairgrieve we have had a thorough read of the script and noted any relevant details to do with the sound, made a budget sheet with costings and a battery list. We were also lucky enough to be able to go out with locations and do some sound checks making relevant notes as we went along.

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