Today the JUMPCUT crew in their teams pitched for green light their ideas for the two remaining scripts.  These breakdowns included possible location ideas, equipment hire costs, general budgeting and more essential needs for the production.  The teams presented their ideas in a professional manner with many visual aids and sound effects in order to convey the tone of each script.

The final decision was made and the crew are now beginning to form each of their production departments which will be led by experienced mentors.  In doing this, the crew will be able to allocate department heads and specify particular roles for all crew members.

JUMPCUT crew were also given an insightful locations session this afternoon with Lloret Dunn, locations manager.  This gave the crew an understanding on discovering locations and all the health and safety regulations that go along with shooting on location.

JUMPCUT’s work placement trainees also began their script outline this afternoon for the documentary film coinciding with Summer Production Company.  The trainees will be documenting JUMPCUT’s activities and working with mentor Martyn Robertson, Director of Urbancroft Films.

Many thanks to Lloret Dunn for sharing her past experiences shooting on location and best of luck to JUMPCUT crew!

Katelynn Collins (JUMPCUT crew member)


  1. Zoë says:

    It was great to have a script finalised. Everyone worked really hard on the pitches and there was a lot of team effort put in. Lloret Dunn was truly inspiring – it was great to see someone so passionate and enthused about their job and also the paperwork! Also looking forward to seeing the end product from the documentary film-makers.

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