A step closer to the final script

So today was all about getting ready to pitch! In a morning session with AD Ted Mitchell, the Crew was divided into three groups to discuss about the practical issues about each of the finalist scripts. After that, the Crew discussed their ideas as a group, and reached the decision to let go of one of the scripts. It is now between only two scripts, and the Crew spent part of the afternoon divided into two groups to get ready for pitching tomorrow morning. At the end of the day, Gillian Paulling from Objective Productions talked to the Crew and gave them advice on what to do (and specially what not to do) when approaching companies looking for work.
group1 group2

One thought on “A step closer to the final script

  1. Zoë says:

    Can’t believe it is the end of Wednesday on week 1 already! Really looking forward to finding out which script we are going ahead with tomorrow. It was great to go through them and think about what was working and what wasn’t before the production process. Had a really good chat with Ted at lunch time who gave me some great advice about if you want to be a director or work in the sound department. The group we were in worked really well as a team and each focused on the areas we wanted to specialize in. The talk with Gillian Paulling gave excellent advice and I shall definitely be taking note when rewriting my C.V. and approaching companies.

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