Second day of SPC: time to test the scripts

Another busy day for JUMPCUT Crew. After a second session with AD Ted Mitchell in the morning about crew roles and responsibilities, the afternoon was time to see excerpts from the three finalist scripts coming to life. Focused on directing actors and facilitated by Morag Fullarton (Taggart, River City, This Life), three different members of the crew had the chance to direct excerpts from each of the finalist scripts. Meanwhile, DOP mentor Grant Cameron also conducted camera exercises so the crew would get used to the camera crew roles.

A big thank you for actors Joanne Thomson, Alfie Wellcoat, Daniel Cameron, and Steven Rae, and workshop leaders Morag Fullarton and Grant Cameron, you were great!

6 thoughts on “Second day of SPC: time to test the scripts

  1. Zoë says:

    It was great to get that hand out from Ted in the morning defining all the different roles you can play in a film. I really enjoyed watching his commercial and the film this morning. It was really interesting to see scenes from the scripts being acted out how moving where the actors are sitting can really change the dynamic and also the atmosphere. It was great operating the boom pole and starting to get a feel towards what we will be doing. I thought Grant and Morag were lovely and both gave very useful advice.

  2. Liz Randon says:

    Today there was a lot going on but it was exciting and I enjoyed getting to work with actors and hearing from Morag Fullarton tips on how best to transition actors from stage to screen and why actors should have freedom to interpret and come up with creative approaches to the script from their instincts. She mentioned to ‘Feel it rather than Show it’ on camera and Catriona had an interesting analogy in describing the camera as a magnet and to have a self-awareness as an actor of that attraction. I really enjoyed working with Alfie, Steven, Daniel and Joanne, all talented and they got the scene to come to life. The morning discussion of crew roles worked well with watching Dog Altogether with our specific roles in mind and then reflecting on what was required, and the handout is a useful guide. Pub crawl was definitely a plus and the preview screening of Citadel a special treat–had me on the edge of my seat! Quote of the day: ‘YOU are the most important person on set.’

  3. ryanpasi says:

    Once again, really informative day! It was a great exercise working with excerpts from the scripts and having actors there really made them come to life!

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