Summer Production Company has started!


Maybe the last time in four weeks that the Chamber Room will look so quiet.

Great day for JUMPCUT. After a lot of preparation, Summer Production Company has finally kicked off! The Chamber Room at Film City Glasgow was the location where the participants first got the chance to meet as a group and introduce themselves to each other. There was also a reading and discussion session about the finalist scripts: Hannah Topalian’s Prism, John Gillespie’s Morning After and Sean Mulvenna’s The Good Souls.

In the afternoon, AD Ted Mitchell mastered a script breaking down workshop using Colin Kennedy’s short film I Love Luci as a production exercise for the Crew to think about and figure out all the necessary planning involved before shooting even a little scene. Later on, casting director Caroline Stewart and actor Paul Brannigan talked to Crew about casting and directing actors, telling lots of stories about their experiences and giving tips about the industry.

It was certainly a great day for JUMPCUT. Hoping to hear some feedback from our Crew!


Ted Mitchell’s workshop


Caroline Stewart and Paul Brannigan’s talk

4 thoughts on “Summer Production Company has started!

  1. catriona5 says:

    Thanks Pedro. Be great to see these daily reports, but even better if the summer crew can start to leave replies about how they found each day, stuff that was great, things they struggled with, the best moment or task or anything at all from each day.

  2. ryanpasi says:

    Great first day to kick things off! I was surprised how much work goes into breaking down scripts but it was a good exercise. The best part of the day for me was the talk from Caroline Stewart and Paul Brannigan. Their very honest approach makes the industry seem a lot more friendly and not some immposible tasj to break into. Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  3. Zoë says:

    The first day of summer production company was really good fun. It was great to meet people already working in the industry who were able to share their advice and experiences. Really interesting to find out about exactly what an A.D. role involves. It was great to speak with Caroline as casting and speaking to directors isn’t something they really went over at uni or college. I was pretty impressed meeting Paul and hoping we will see him again! It was much easier to start thinking about the scripts when they were read out rather than reading them individually.

  4. Liz Randon says:

    The first day was very inspiring and the exercise on breaking down a script with Ted Mitchell I found useful in hearing how others approached the task as well as learning the industry standards (and Movie Magic colour scheme). I like how it can be used not only to find the basic requirements of a scene and to prepare for filming, but also as a potential for taking notes on character and tracking progression of relationships. I spoke to Ted about this and it could perhaps be a helpful tool in interpreting characters’ motivations.

    The casting discussion with KC Casting and Paul Brannigan was interesting in understanding the combination of elements that is essential for finding a casting agent, through your approach, your script/where you are in the script process, and your timing in general. Paul’s insights into what it’s like for an actor to go in cold to an audition shed some light on alternative methods of going about auditioning. A gem from him: ‘Get rid of your fears’

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