2013 so far…

As the Summer Production Company is about to start and things are about to get busy for JUMPCUT, we take a look back at our accomplishments in the first half of this year:

  • Get, Set, Go workshop with Linda Fraser at Glasgow Youth Film Festival, providing and overview of entry-level positions in the Film Industry, hints and tips for young people starting their careers;
  • Steering Group monthly meetings, where a board of JUMPCUT’s members meet to look at entrance into the Film Industry from young people’s’ point of views, advise on what is needed to help bridge the gap from new entrants to professional practitioners  At the same time as they benefit from the presence of guest professionals from different companies to talk about their jobs, projects and careers;
  • Writers Call Out and workshops, an opportunity for 16-25 year old screenwriters to develop a script mentored by professionals from the Industry with the opportunity for one of them to be produced by the Summer Production Company;
  • Summer Production Company workshops, after of a trial and a recall workshop, 19 talented young people were selected to take part in a 4 week summer program to produce a short film.

Missed some of these opportunities and want to make it sure that doesn’t happen again?  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep updated with our events!

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